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1-World Adventures - History of Le Tour
.. a quick look at the last 198 years.

Of the 76 riders that began the first Tour de France, which took place in 1903, only of them 21 finished. One of these finishers apparently had not ridden a bike just three months before the Tour left the small Café Réveil Matin. The stages were incredibly long by modern standards, especially considering the types of bicycles they rode. The stages were between 268km (167mi) to an outrageous 467km (290mi)!! Since the very first Tours, when the riders had no support cars, or hardly a choice of gears on their cycles for that matter, the sport has evolved dramatically.

Today, the Tour has grown into what may be the largest annual sporting event in the world. Hundreds of thousands of spectators line the roadsides of France, and millions follow on the television. The riders have intensive training programs, and do not need to work additional jobs to support themselves in the off-season. They ride super specialized exotic bicycles, and are allowed to have team cars hand them clothing, wheels, and even bicycles. These factors make for closer competition, and a great spectator’s experience.

As of the recent years, it seems usually one rider rises to the top during the critical stages of the Tour, and stays there until the end. Some riders specialize in the mountains, while others concentrate on the time trials. Either way, one must do very well in both to stand a chance in today’s peleton. Several extraordinary riders have gone to win as many as 5 Tour de France "Malliot Jaune" victories. Miguel Indurain won an amazing 5 in a row, but no more. Not even the great Eddy Merckx could break through the barrier of 5 Tours.  


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